Saturday, May 1, 2010

Top 5 Ways to Fail the Game of World of Warcraft

This is my list of the 5 worst things I see in the game almost daily.

5. Be rude. You might think it's fun to sound like a racist, perverted 12 year old, but nobody else does.

4. Whine. Nobody likes a whiner. If you lose a roll on some gear you need to someone else that needs it, don't cry. You'll get it next time. 


2. Beg. Don't stand in a city yelling, "CAN SUM1 PLZ GIVE ME 3 GOLD!" Nobody is going to do it, and it's just annoying. If you're too lazy to make money on your own, go play another game.

1. Being a ninja. Taking that which doesn't belong to you is never a good idea. And it's the quickest way to become hated in WoW.

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