Monday, May 3, 2010

My Top 4 Tips for Leveling to 80 the Fastest for the Casual Player

These are my top four tips for leveling quickly in World of Warcraft without burning yourself out.

1.  Have the right addons. This is very important. First, for everyone, have QuestHelper. This is a must to powerlevel! It tells you the quickest, easiest route to optimize questing within each zone and helps you prioritize when to turn in quests. Doing one quest, turning it in, then moving on to the next quest is very inefficient. With this addon, you know what quests are nearby so you can end up turning in a bunch of quests at once and maximize efficiency. Also, for Hunters and Shamans, FloTotemBar and FloAspectBar are great. I have been using them on my hunter for a while now. They place your Aspects and Traps on their own bar above the bottom bars, freeing up your hot bar for attacks, which is always good. I am just now leveling a Shaman, so I'll write more later on after I determine how efficient it is compared to World of Warcraft's built in Shaman bar.
For Death Knights, might I suggest Magic Runes. It gives you a nice, big display of your Rune cooldowns, so you don't have to keep looking up at the little icons next to your portrait.

2.  I have heard the debate for years as to if it is quicker to level solo or in a group. Personally, I've always been the solo leveler. That way, you don't have to wait on your partner, you don't waste time chatting, no coordination with them is required, all you have to do is watch the little arrow that QuestHelper displays and go with it.

3.  Run some Battlegrounds. I ran them for the first time on my level 70 Warlock the other day, and I must say Blizzard is giving some nice experience points now for them! I ran just 3 or 4 times and gained several bars. Probably about the same rate as I would have questing.

4.  Buy some Heirloom items! These are amazing! The shoulders give 10% bonus experience and the chest piece gives 10% bonus experience. And the effects do stack! So I would suggest doing this for every alt that you decide to level. I usually go and run a few Wintergrasp runs and get a pair of shoulders for my toons. This combined with rested XP gives a serious boost to your leveling! And if you're a raider or do the Ardent Tournament, then you can also get the chest piece for some serious leveling boost!

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