Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 8 ways to make some extra gold in World of Warcraft

Just a quick rundown of what I prioritize when I'm grinding for gold.

1. Do your Dailies.

2. Scan the Auction House with Auctionator and buy low/sell high.

3. Run some Instances/Raids.

4. Create a "farmer". A character with two of the gathering professions. I prefer Herbalism/Mining.

5. Professions. Enchanting and Jewelcrafting both make good money. Use your farmers to feed them. Also, if you have another profession that you are leveling (blacksmithing, tailoring, or leatherworking) feed all the greens and blues that you make to the Enchanter to disenchant the items. Then sell the disenchants.

6. Buy up low level greens and disenchant them. Auctionator/ Enchantrix is a good combo for this. Use them to determine if the Disenchant is worth more than the auction price of the item, then fire away.

7. Don't throw anything away! Keep up with all your grays and vendor them. If you run out of bag space, check the vendor price before you start dropping things.

8. Hock your wares in trade chat. Usually you can get a pretty decent idea of what something is worth with Auctionator, then start asking 1.5X what the list price is. Usually it will sell for a little more than auction house price this way, especially if you will deliver it.

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