Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pet me! 4/21/2010

     Another great money making idea is selling vanity pets. These come in all shapes and styles. And since Blizzard implemented the Achievement system, people are buying some of them for ridiculous amounts to get Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart and Lil' Game Hunter.

     Shop Smart gives you Reeking Pet Carrier, which summons a cute little skunk named Stinker. Lil' Game Hunter gives you Little Fawn's Salt Lick, which summons a little fawn. And due to these, there is a great market for these pets.
     One thing that you can make some good money with is cross faction pets. What I usually do is go to the neutral auction house, buy out all the opposite faction's pets that are listed there, and resell them in my faction's auction house for a profit. Also, be sure to buy some of your own faction's pets to sell on the neutral auction house as well. Before doing this, make sure you have Auctioneer and Auctionator installed. They will help immensely. 
     Another thing to do is farm for the really rare pets. The newer raptor pets have been selling pretty well on my server. Also, look into farming for the Disgusting Oozeling and the Captured Firefly. They both have ridiculously low drop rates, but sell for a massive amount when found. Overall, though, farming these pets doesn't really have that great of a gold per hour rating, especially since, for an example, I have farmed the Captured Firefly once for over 5 hours without a single drop. Then the next day, come back and get it within a few kills. I have never had a drop of the Disgusting Oozeling, which is one of the 2 rarest pets in the game. The other is the Hyacinth Macaw.

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