Monday, May 10, 2010

My Top 5 List of Farming Spots

This is my list of the top 5 spots that I usually use to farm for mats for the Auction House:

5. Herbalism - Wintergrasp. This and Ulduar are the only zone in the game where Frost Lotus spawns as it's own plant. So that means this is the only place to really farm it without a party.

4. Mining - Un'goro Crater. Great place to farm. Not many people farm here and lots of ore spawns.

3. Tailoring - If you need Frostweave Cloth, then Icecrown is still the best spot. But for farming for money, on my server, Frostweave is worthless.

2. Tailoring - For cash farming of cloth, I prefer to farm Wool Cloth. A good place to farm this is in the southeast corner of Westfall killing Riverpaw Mystics.

1. Mining - If I need to farm Titanium Ore, I usually hit Sholazar Basin or The Storm Peaks. Almost as good of spawn rates as Icecrown without all the competition.

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