Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sort of not related, but related.

So it's that time of year again, the time when all the different sites try their hands at trolling for April Fool's Day.
This year, I decided to compile a short list of some of the best ones. Enjoy.

To start things off, we have Blizzard. They have some of my favorite April Fool's joke products every year. And this year is no exception. I think my favorite is "The Westfall Trail".

Next up, we have, the godfathers of internet product April Fool's Day stuff. Whether you're a Minecraft junkie(link), a Star Wars fanboy(link), Skyrim fan(link), or love your Keurig K-cup(link), there's a product for you.

Harmonix fans rejoice! There's a new Rock Band game out!

Also, as always, has a great entry this year.

IGN has a special morsel for the Mass Effect fans out there. has outdone themselves this year with their new product/service.

And even gets in on the action this year with a personal nuclear reactor!
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If I am missing anything, let me know!

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