Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Undead in 4.0.3

Anyone that has not done it yet, should go make a new Undead!

The new Undead starter area is unbelievable! I decided to start a new Undead Rogue (more on the rogue aspect later) after hearing about all the changes. Let me tell you; it is amazing! The absolute start is nearly identical, but once you get to Brill, things get interesting. New quests everywhere, the town looks more like Northrend Undead towns. And once you get to around level 15, the fun really starts!

Undead get to kinda preview Gilneas before everybody else. Now, instead of just running from Undercity to the Sepulcher, there are many quests all up and down that road now. This greatly streamlines leveling here. Plus, after doing all these quests, the end results is a quest line within the borders of Gilneas itself, albeit an instanced version of the town.

So, once again, anyone that plays Horde, and has not done so yet, should drop whatever they are doing and go make an Undead! And, if you so choose, make an Undead Hunter, since that combo is available now! Have fun!

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