Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Druid Eclipse Skill in 4.0.1

Okay, so I have been playing around with my Druid again.

This new mechanism is fun as hell. The Eclipse mechanism actually makes it feel like my Balance Druid is not just "mash buttons over and over".

For those of you that haven't tried it out, Eclipse is a new bar that appears under your portrait in World of Warcraft. Essentially, what it is, is that you cast Arcane spells to build up your bar closer to the sun. When your bar hits the sun, your Nature spells are buffed and you start casting them instead. As you cast them, the bar will start progressing toward the moon instead. When it reaches the moon, your Arcane spells are buffed, and you start this rotation over again. This makes me think while casting, rather than just mashing buttons and has actually revived the fun that can be had playing a Druid in a DPS role in my opinion. Have fun!

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