Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Quick Review of Warcraft Formula

Sometimes, real life gets in the way, but I'm back!

I came across a new product just a couple days ago at WarcraftFormula.com that is actually a bit different from all the other WoW guides out there right now. It’s not a guide for anything in particular – so it’s not only for leveling, gold making, PvP, or anything else. However, I think it may still end up being a fairly useful resource for most of you out there who are looking to improve upon those very areas.

The site is run by Brad Johnson and T Dub Sanders, two guide writers you might have heard of. Brad put together Warcraft Millionaire and a profession guide under the same title. T Dub did the PvP Bible – probably the best PvP guide on the market right now – and WotLK Secrets. They decided to come together on this one, using the “both of best worlds” angle to sell the product. It actually seems to have worked as the Warcraft Formula product is pretty decent from both angles.

Here’s the premise – you start out by paying $17. That initial payment gets you quite a bit. First, there’s a guide that is admittedly pretty useless for anyone that’s been around for a while – an Action Plan that guides players through setting up an account with their main, UI mods, alts, gear, guild signups, and end-game setups. It’s a great resource, but probably more so for casuals looking to get deeper into the game. Along with this though you get a monthly eBook that Brad and T Dub put out that contains about 30 pages of content on everything that happened in the last month in the game. In January for example, the guide talked about the upcoming 3.0.8 patch, gold making strategies at 2 months, and Death Knight nerfs and buffs. You get the current guide and all existing guides when you signup and then with a $17 monthly fee you get each guide monthly.

Coming from two consummate pros and produced to provide a wide variety of different bits of content each month covering everything from gold making and raiding to PvP (there’s a monthly PvP feature), the guide is pretty solid content and the price is definitely reasonable. If you’re looking for more up to date, pointed strategies each month, this is a good place to start.

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