Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the beginning...

     I have recently been scouring the Internet searching for some of the best pay services for World of Warcraft. I have gotten tired of all of the "free" sites that offer the exact same content as every other site, so I have been reviewing some of the better paid guides around in hopes of finding some great ones.

     First up is Warcraft Formula. This is the best product available. It is a subscription based service, but due to this it is constantly being updated.

     It is written and maintained by 2 very well known World of Warcraft authors. Brad Johnson was the author of "Warcraft Millionaire", a very good guide on the subject. T Dub is the author of "PvP Bible", the best guide for PvP on the market. Together, they have created a masterpiece!

     These guys cover all aspects of the game too! They cover grinding, farming, professions, leveling, reputation, and much more. And everything in their guides is 100% legit. No hacks, cheats or botting required.

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